Volatile oil

Natural essential oils

Our natural essential oils for aromatherapy are the essence of the power of nature: 100% organic and without additives, they have a beneficial effect on our mind. 

Because the olfactory sense, our smell perception, is one of the most complex and sensitive sensory systems of all and is directly connected to our emotional center. Our state of mind can be positively influenced by the natural scents of aromatherapy. 

Feel grounded with our essential oil blend »Time for Silence«, refreshed for everyday life with the aroma of bergamot or motivated by the scent of orange. In addition to a pleasant room climate, our natural essential oils create a feel-good atmosphere for your spirit. Pamper your senses with natural fragrance oils that touch your emotions!

Our essential oils are suitable for diffusers, fragrance lamps or fragrance stones. 

Riechstift natürliche Pflege für Haut und Sinne oelfaktorisch
vlies für riechstift ätherische Öle oelfaktorisch
Duftlampe Steingut ätherisches Öl Bio Qualität Wohnaccessoires oelfaktorisch