hair care

Natural hair care products: Simply beautiful hair!

Natural hair care has long ceased to be a trend: more and more people want to do without synthetic ingredients such as silicones and sulphates. We at oelfaktorisch are also convinced of natural hair care products such as naturally pure oils for the hair or solid shampoos in organic quality - less plastic, more care!

A shampoo bar is a solid shampoo that comes in bar form. It contains no liquid ingredients, which are often the cause of dry and irritated hair. Our organic conditioner bar and solid shampoo cleanse and condition your hair with natural oils and waxes such as cocoa butter and glycerin - and are very economical.

Have you ever cared for your hair with oil? Our natural hair care products also include a wonderful hair oil based on broccoli seed oil. As a high-quality care oil, it strengthens and smoothes your hair without weighing it down. Want a lasting natural shine? Then go for it!