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Who we are

This is oelfaktorisch

We are a three-woman start-up and got together in 2018. Sonja had the idea and laid the foundations for oelfaktorisch much earlier. We are delighted to give you a little insight behind the scenes of oelfaktorisch.

What drives us

Special oils are our passion

The motivation behind oelfaktorisch is Sonja's passion for body oils. And this is no coincidence: For 25 years, Sonja, as a state-certified masseuse, has been working with care oils in her massage practice every day. As an aromatherapy expert, she knows the effects of essential oils and knows what is important when it comes to skin care: “The skin is the mirror of our soul and the body’s largest detoxification organ. Therefore, the quality of body oils is absolutely crucial. Skin care is also health care."

hochwertige Körperöle naturöle bio oelfaktorisch
Reine naturbelassene Wirköle und Zusatzstoffe kommen im eigenen Labor in die Violettglasflasche | oelfaktorisch Körperöle

How we work

Handmade in our own laboratory

What started as a small special project has developed into a successful women's start-up due to the great demand. Since 2018 we have been producing the finest care and body oils according to our own recipes in our laboratory in Pitzling (near Landsberg am Lech). Only products that meet Sonja's high standards for high-quality body oils are bottled. We provide maximum transparency in terms of ingredients, because we know our oils inside out. We only work with suppliers from whom we get the best quality. In addition, we completely do without preservatives and all our products are free of silicone, paraffin and mineral oil.

What defines us

Best ingredients that work

Our range consists of purely biological oils whose range of effects goes far beyond the usual measure. We can achieve this because we completely do without stretching care oils and inferior ingredients. This allows the vitamins, minerals and polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in the oils to develop their maximum power through the skin. For us, the quality of our raw materials is therefore absolutely crucial: the ingredients should be so natural and pure that they are basically of food quality.

natur pur inhaltsstoffe von oelfaktorisch körperöle
hochwertige Körperöle in Bio Qualität mit Lieber verpackt oelfaktorisch

What we value

We pack as plastic-free as possible...

... out of conviction and because it is simply the best for our products. Because high-quality oil with a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids reacts sensitively to UV radiation and changes structurally if it is exposed to direct sunlight and no preservatives are added. That's why we fill our precious body and active oils in violet and amber glass bottles. This not only looks elegant, but also fulfills its purpose: the glass bottles protect essential oils and our care oil, body oil and massage oil mixtures optimally and, unlike plastic, do not release any unwanted pollutants into the contents. We also offer you the opportunity to choose your type of closure between pipettes|spray heads or aluminum lids.

Since 1997

Sonja gathers experience with body oils. Essential oils have been part of her life since she was a child

Since 2018

Sonja and Laura are a team. Since the founding of oelfaktorisch, the two have worked side by side

Since 2021

has its own oil factor shop in Zankenhausener Straße 1 in Türkenfeld.
We look forward to you!

Founder & Managing Director

Sonja Staffler

is the heart of olfactory. With passion and passion for body oils, Sonja is constantly on the lookout for new, special oils and develops her own recipes and creations

Sonja Staffler oelfaktorisch Körperöle
Laura Joppien oelfaktorisch Körperöle

Managing Director & all-rounder

Laura Joppien

has been supporting Sonja since the founding of oelfaktorisch. At the beginning as a freelance consultant for communication, now as a permanent team member with full enthusiasm and commitment

Illustrator & Designer

Julia Jacobs

with her keen sense for shapes and colors, Julia gives oelfaktorisch an unmistakable face and turns every single bottle into a small work of art

Julia Jacobs Körperöle Bio Qualität oelfaktorisch

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