Our knowledge of body oils

Interesting facts about the world of body oils

What would Italy be without olive oil, China without sesame oil and Asia without almond oil? Humans have been extracting oil from fruits, oil-bearing seeds and nuts for thousands of years and using it in a variety of ways. Vegetable oils have always been a valuable source of nutrition: they provide the human body with healthy fatty acids, vitamins and secondary plant substances. Oils were also popular early on for beauty care. Many a mixture even acquired cultic value: in the anointing of kings and priests, for example – and in the Christian church. But what makes the oil so valuable? Its high-quality ingredients are only preserved if the oil is extracted gently - and that is laborious. At least more complex than if it is obtained industrially in a refinery. Unlike there, cold-pressed oil is never heated above 60°C, filtered after pressing and remains free of chemical application methods. The yield from this form of production is relatively low. The natural composition of an oil with all bioactive ingredients is preserved. They make it a real treasure - and quality simply has its price.

So lange sind ätherische Öle und Wirköle haltbar

This is how long essential and active oils can be kept

Things to know about the durability of natural oils First of all: Our care and body oils are purely natural products that cannot be strictly...

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ätherische Öle am besten lagern Icon Wissen Blog oelfaktorisch Körperöle

This is the best way to store body oils

High-quality oil with a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids is sensitive to UV radiation and changes structurally when exposed to direct sunlight. We therefore...

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