Öl für Duftlampe Wald Zeder Bio Öle oelfaktorisch

essential oil • forest

send your thoughts on the journey and enjoy the time out in the forest

• cleansing
• strengthens the immune system
• relaxing

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The three "Z" as a magic spell during the cold season. In this oil blend, the wonderfully woody notes of stone pine and cedar are combined with the sparkling scent of primeval lemon (cedar). Take a deep breath and send your thoughts on a walk in the woods. Can you hear the melodies of the forest birds? Can you feel the strength you absorb with every step on the mossy forest floor? Do you smell the warm scent of sunlit bark? Harmoniously exhilarated by the fresh, citrusy scent of the primeval lemon, which penetrates the canopy like a ray of sunshine.

Forest whisper is suitable for the aroma lamp and the aroma stone or for use in the diffuser.

essential oils in organic quality:
• cedar
• stone pine
• cedrat (primordial lemon)

Essential lemon oil has a cleansing effect and strengthens the immune system and is therefore considered to be particularly helpful in the case of influenza infections. Cedar oil helps loosen phlegm and pine oil calms nerves and relaxes the mind.

Put 2-5 drops in an aroma lamp, aroma stone or diffuser and take a deep breath!

Please never use essential oils pure, but only mix a few drops of them into a fatty oil so that the recommended number of drops is not exceeded. Other possible uses for an essential oil are, of course, aroma lamps, nebulizers or simply a handkerchief as a carrier material for room scenting, so that the oil can be absorbed through the respiratory tract. Essential oils are the potent essence of a plant, so always be aware of their potency. Essential oils are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Love yoursef

... and turn on a fragrance lamp and take a deep breath and send your thoughts on a walk in the forest.