dry feet

Dry feet? Shea butter!

Dry feet not only look unattractive, they also feel uncomfortable. Which foot cream helps against rough and dry feet? When it comes to dry skin, natural shea butter is a true all-rounder, a natural "high-end" product. Shea butter nourishes from head to toe and helps the skin and hair to become more shiny and supple. Our foot creams contain only unrefined shea butter, i.e. pure nature without chemical additives, which nourish and care for your dry feet in a particularly rich way.

Unrefined shea butter has a slightly yellowish colour and smells slightly nutty, sweet and velvety. We source the shea butter for our natural foot care products in a socially fair and ecologically sustainable way from a women's cooperative in Ghana and enrich it with nourishing essential oils such as lemon balm and frankincense.

Did you know that shea nuts, from which shea butter is extracted, are edible? They are also used to make chocolate: A wonderful natural product and a treat for all the senses!