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We know our body oils inside and out and are happy to give you a detailed insight. Find out everything about the essential and fatty oils that we use in our products.

Our knowledge of oils
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What is the best way to store your oil? How long does it keep?

We have collected and answered common questions about body oils.

We answer common questions
100% naturbelassene Inhaltsstoffe für eine natürliche und vegane Hautpflege | oelfaktorisch Körperöle

We are curious and always open to new ideas. Therefore, we are always in contact with our partners, acquaintances, suppliers and our network. We recorded some of the conversations for you and put them together for you in a written interview here.

In conversation with our partners
naturbelassene und vegane Massageöle  | oelfaktorisch Körperöle

Sonja has been a state-certified masseuse for over 25 years and lets you share her knowledge. Did you know that massages not only contribute to physical relaxation, but also have a positive effect on the immune system?

Our knowledge about massages