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Hydrolates & Organic Facial Toner

Hydrolates are plant or flower waters that are produced when extracting essential oils through steam distillation. As organic toners, they are just as effective as their oily cousins, but much gentler.

Neroli and rose water create the perfect moisturizing foundation that gives your skin a natural glow. The special thing about our hydrolates: they are alcohol-free. This allows them to develop their full effect without additives. Soothing, clarifying and cooling, they care for your skin with a delicate, harmonizing fragrance. 

In combination with our organic facial oils such as »marula oil« or »wild rose oil«, our organic facial tonic forms a wonderful unit for balanced, natural facial care. They are suitable for all skin types

Rosenwasser bio ohne Alkohol Gesichtswasser ohne Konservierungsstoffe oelfaktorisch Körperöle
Wildrosen Öl plus Rosenwasser Gesichtspflege Bio oelfaktorisch Körperöle
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Neroliwasser beruhigende Wirkung oelfaktorisch Körperöle
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