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Feel good in your own skin with the pure power of nature

High-quality body oils for your natural skin care

Natural oils for the skin are our passion: Here you will find high-quality body oils that care for and pamper your skin with 100% pure natural ingredients. Essential oils are a tried and tested remedy for body and mind - but only high-quality, pure body oils can develop their maximum effect on your skin.

Care oils, massage oils, face oils, rose water and other hydrosols, essential oils, soaps, hair care as well as room and pillow sprays - all our products are vegan and produced without animal testing and without preservatives, chemical stabilizers or extender oils. Pure nature for your body - we can guarantee this thanks to the maximum transparency of the natural ingredients in our body oils. Let yourself and your skin feel good, according to the credo for more feel-good days:

From today, I'm nice to myself!

Our body oils

...for natural skin care

Whether for the face or body: in comparison to synthetically produced creams and lotions, cold-pressed body oil gives the skin what it needs in a natural way. Because natural oil does not contain any water, it ensures that the skin feels good and supple over a long period of time - without the unwanted habituation effect. High-quality body oils are quickly absorbed and have a pleasant balancing and regulating effect in natural skin care.

Following nature's example, we use as few ingredients as possible in our care products. Because only without stretching additives can the vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids contained in the natural oils develop through your skin to the maximum. Quality counts for us - to care for your skin in the best possible way.

oelfaktorisch  Hautpflege aus der Natur für Körper und Gesicht


The recipes of our high-quality body oils are rooted in our many years of practical experience in massage and aromatherapy.


We obtain our raw materials as regionally as possible and from partners who pay attention to biologically and socially sustainable cultivation.


We only use violet or amber glass bottles for preservation and pack as plastic-free as possible - out of conviction.

The purest raw materials in organic quality

Pure nature for your feel-good skin

All our products are free from silicones, paraffins, fragrances and preservatives. Our range is also 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

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We put our heart and soul into our products. If you have a suggestion for improvement, please get in touch with us at any time.


We ship to almost every European country. If yours is not listed, please send us an e-mail directly.


If you have a question about our products or the application, please send us an e-mail. Sonja or Laura will answer you directly.

hochwertige Körperöle für natürliches Wohlfühlen oelfaktorisch

Our body oils

...for healthy well-being

Valuable ingredients from plants and herbs are preserved in our high-quality body oils and can therefore have a direct effect on the skin. We trust tried-and-tested recipes to promote healthy well-being with modern standards.

Natural oils for the skin have a positive effect on the body and mind through circulation-enhancing, anti-inflammatory or mood-enhancing properties, and have an antiseptic or anti-rheumatic effect. They strengthen your entire organism holistically. Try it!

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»The skin is the mirror of our soul and the body's largest detoxification organ.
This is why the quality of natural body oils is absolutely crucial: the ingredients should be so natural and pure that they are essentially food grade. Skin care is also health care.«

Sonja Staffler, aromatherapy expert & founder of olfactory
Körperpflege mit hochwertige Naturölen Himbeersamenöl oelfaktorisch

Our body oils

...with special natural oils

Our connection to nature is not only shown by the fact that we preserve and continue to use old knowledge. We are also always on the lookout for treasures that want to be rediscovered: we travel the world curiously, learn something new every day and discover special oil rarities for our product range. The desire for something new drives us - this means that we are usually one step ahead of current trends.


Our natural oils for the skin

Pflegeöl Johanniskrautöl Johanniskrautmazerat Narbenpflege oelfaktorisch
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Sheabutter vegan bio oelfaktorisch Körperöle natürliche Pflege
Natürliches Pflegeöl Himbeer Bio hochwertige Hautpflege oelfaktorisch Körperöle
Bio Hanfsamenöl natürliche Hautpflege pure Pflege oelfaktorisch Körperöle

Our essential oils

...for aromatherapy

Essential oils can do much more than create a pleasant indoor climate. With the olfactory sense, our smell perception, we perceive scents and aromas through the nose. The sense of smell is one of our most complex and sensitive sensory systems. It is directly connected to our emotional center. Our state of mind can therefore be positively influenced by smells. A few drops of our special essential oil blends in the fragrance lamp or as an additive to massage oil have a soothing effect on states of restlessness, relax before falling asleep or increase concentration. to get through the working day well. Trust your olfactory sense and give your nose some pampering input!

hochwertige ätherische Naturöle oelfaktorisch


Raumspray für Kinder beruhigend Lavendel bio natürliche Zutaten oelfaktorisch Körperöle
natürliches Erdbeersamenöl Gesichtsöl Bio und Aktivkohleseife oelfaktorisch
Save €2
Riechstift natürliche Pflege für Haut und Sinne oelfaktorisch
Wunscherfüller Geschenkidee oelfaktorisch

Our body oils

...for mom & baby

Sensitive skin needs gentle care - preferably with natural care oils without irritating additives. Natural, alcohol-free skin care is particularly important not only for delicate baby skin, but also for the sensitive or highly stressed skin regions of the (expectant) mother. In our range of high-quality body oils you will find proven natural oils for the care of stressed nipples and the growing baby bump as well as for a relaxing baby massage.

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Mama & Baby natürliche Hautpflege Körper und Gesicht oelfaktorisch
hochwertige Zutaten reines Körperöl oelfaktorisch Hautpflege

This is us

our philosophy

Natural skin care is our passion. Based on many years of experience in the use of natural oils and the careful selection of the best, preferably regional ingredients, oelfaktorisch only produces the finest care and body oils according to its own recipes. We rely on the pure power of nature: our products consist of purely organic oils without any stretching additives, because this is the only way body oils can develop their maximum range of effects on your skin. Our claim: everything that comes into contact with the skin should be so pure that it could also be eaten.


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