dry hands

Natural hand care for dry hands

What to do about dry hands? Beautiful hands need to be cared for "naturally": They are constantly in use and have to withstand a lot from sun to cold, dirt and constant hand washing. But the skin on our hands is also sensitive. Our natural hand care with rich vegetable fats such as shea butter, jojoba oil or hemp seed oil provides lasting protection against dry and chapped hands.

Our shea butter is unrefined, which means it contains even more natural nutrients and is therefore particularly effective for dry skin. Hand care oils retain moisture and are quickly absorbed.

When we talk about hand care, a nourishing disinfectant spray should not be missing. Here, high-percentage alcohol works in combination with nourishing extracts of camomile. Did we mention that all our products are vegan, animal-free, socially fair and ecologically sustainable? For us, this goes without saying for hand care as well!