natural soaps

Natural soap for face & body 

Our vegan body soaps are real natural soaps: free from synthetic dyes, fragrances and preservatives, without plasticizers or harsh petroleum-based surfactants and naturally free of animal fats. In contrast to industrial soap production, the glycerin that is naturally present in the vegetable oils is not extracted from our organic soaps. Therefore, the soap does not dry out the skin and is also ideal for your facial care. Gently enveloping, it cares for your skin in a natural way with stone pine, lemon balm or rose. 

Our special facial soap with activated charcoal is a real miracle product with a cleansing effect that also provides moisture. Put a smile on your face - with our natural soaps without surfactants. Naturally vegan. 100% organic.

We also have solid shampoo and conditioner in our range. Also discover our natural hair care with broccoli seed oil !