where it hurts

Muscle oil with St. John's wort for "where it hurts"

Muscle tension is unfortunately all too often present in our everyday lives: sitting at a desk for too long, overdoing it on a jog or bending over awkwardly for a Lego brick - sound familiar?

The naturalist healer Rosa Schmid from the Upper Bavarian Fünfseenland already treated muscle tension with an essential herbal oil mixture in the last century. Our Rosa Schmid care oil is based on her handwritten original recipe: The muscle oil based on St. John's wort oil is used "where it hurts". In combination with juniper, eucalyptus, mountain pine and rosemary, the care oil with St. John's wort supports the regenerating and relaxing effect of a massage.

We especially like the balancing fragrance that conveys to your senses: Relax!

Muskelöl Johanniskrautöl Entspannung Rosa Schmid Pflegeöl oelfaktorisch