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Self care annual calendar

A year of mindfulness



Mindfulness means experiencing conscious moments in the here and now. Again and again. The selfcare annual calendar will accompany you through your year and give you time for yourself every month with high-quality, lovingly and regionally manufactured products.

In the self-care annual calendar there will be vegan natural cosmetics, fragrant soaps and aromatic pillow and room sprays in original size, which ensure deceleration, balance and relaxation in everyday life.


"Some days it's wonderfully easy for me to only discover the beautiful in everything - how I love them!"



It's great that you're taking the time to let our self-care annual calendar give you lots of small and big moments of happiness. Each month, a sachet has a product and a mindfulness exercise ready for you, which want to accompany you step by step on your way to yourself. Look forward to these little breaks: maybe you will be able to incorporate them into your daily routine? True to our motto "From today I'll be nice to myself!".



Here is more information about the products that make up the annual calendar.

Das Versteckt sich in unserem Jahreskalender

Wenn du dich überraschen lassen möchtest, lies immer nur den aktuellen Monat.

travel set rosy

The set consists of rose water without alcohol and noble wild rose facial oil . The two form a perfect care combination that every skin type is happy about. Also very suitable for impure skin.
After cleansing, wet your face with rose water. 3 to 8 drops as needed
Apply wild rose to face and décolleté and massage in gently. The facial oil absorbs quickly and does not clog the pores.

You are beautiful just the way you are!

face brush

The soft facial brush is great for gently brushing your skin
tighten, stimulate the lymph flow and loosen dead skin cells. The application before the usual care routine will definitely convince you soon - and you will enjoy your massage every day!

Feel and pamper your skin every day. It is your largest detoxification organ.

Here you will find our instructions for a cosmetic lymph-stimulating brush massage .

handsome • hand care oil

This highly concentrated elixir from
Marula, hemp and jojoba oil with soothing lavender pampers your hands particularly intensively. It is best to apply the hand care oil drop by drop to damp skin.

Say thank you to your hands daily.

pillow spray lavender

Our lavender room and pillow spray smells as naturally pure as a lavender field in Provence. Its aroma calms the vegetative nervous system and helps you to fall asleep even in stressful times.

Enjoy this fragrance with every breath!

gardener soap

This wonderfully fragrant gardening soap with poppy seeds (manufactured by Sabine Zink Seifenmanufaktur) impresses with its gentle peeling effect.

Make washing your hands daily your mindfulness ritual.


Wash your hair without it
Plastic? That's fine. Because this solid shampoo does not contain silicones or preservatives.

The shampoo develops a great foam and ensures silky
Hair with a lot of shine.

From today you have beautiful hair!

shea butter | yuzu me mini | St. John's Wort Oil Mini
This month we have three products waiting for you to try!

The best shea butter comes from wild collection in Ghana and is bottled unrefined by the Lasoyi company. Its aroma is reminiscent of nuts. Shea butter is suitable for the care of the whole body. Our summer oil yuzu me smells wonderfully fresh, has a skin-tightening effect and is ideal after a brush massage of the décolleté. And the miracle cure
for sun-damaged skin, our St. John's wort oil , may of course also
not missing.

Love you from head to toe!

room spray bergamot

Spread sunny confidence in your life. Bergamot helps in
all situations in life: before difficult appointments, when listless or
Revision. Let the scent of bergamot accompany you through August.

Don't forget: Every feeling is allowed. Don't blame, but practice perceiving, accepting and letting go - a way to more personal satisfaction.

cozy rose body oil

The noble body oil cozy rose in organic quality envelops you with its scent, gives you security and connects you with the earth. The basis of almond, raspberry seed and hemp oil provides intensive care, even for very dry skin.

Autumn can come. With cozy rose by your side.

pillow spray Swiss pine

Only pure ethereal works in this pillow spray
Stone pine oil from South Tyrol. The Unterweger company collects it to this day
traditionally in the great outdoors. Because we only use alcohol as a carrier
use, the spray is highly effective from an aromatherapeutic point of view.

Let yourself be accompanied into a restful sleep. So that you can start the next day refreshed and relaxed.

mulled wine soap

Once again you can look forward to a wonderful soap from Sabine Zink's soap factory.

This fragrance whets your appetite for the contemplative time. Take your time and think about how you would like to spend the Advent season. Get rid of them
expectations of others.

You can be worth it!

room spray forest christmas

Its magical scent combines the tartness of the forest with the sweet aroma of ripe oranges. Forest scents have a breathing-deepening, grounding effect and combine perfectly with the confidence-inspiring orange aroma.

Find your way back to basic trust: everything you need is there.