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Relaxation for your face

Instructions for a cosmetic lymph-stimulating brush massage

Dry bust massages primarily stimulate blood circulation and have a great peeling effect. In addition, if used correctly, it is also a wonderful lymph drainage.



We describe how it works here:

  • Start in the hollow at the end of the neck above the collarbone. Open the lymphatic stations with your index finger using an evenly pumping movement. Do this for about 1 minute.

Important: Always work towards these lymph stations during the massage so that the lymph can be transported away from there.




Now we come to the actual massage:

  • Start by brushing down below the chin to the lymph station. For a short massage, repeat this up to 3 times. Then switch sides.
  • The next point is in front of and then also behind the ear. You can stroke behind the ear to the lymph station, which gives a great goose bumps effect. Just try it once. Again, think of both sides.
  • Then under the eyes, especially for those of you who are prone to dark circles. The massage here stimulates the drainage of the lymph.
  • It continues to the forehead, here stroke above the eyebrows up to the temples. Always remember to brush towards the lymph stations.
  • Then stroke below the eyes in the form of a triangle to the chin.
  • Finally, brush once more on the side of the neck from the ear down to the lymphatic stations.



You can do the massage for as long as you want. You should definitely allow yourself 2 minutes. And the length of each massage is less important for an effect than the frequency of a massage.



You can download an overview of the individual steps here.




Have fun trying!



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