shampoo bar • cucumber

shampoo bar • cucumber

nourishes and smoothes without taking away the fullness

• smells
• nourishes
• smoothes

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Who says shampoo has to be liquid? A shampoo bar is basically a bar of soap for the hair. However, unlike liquid soap, the shampoo bars have a solid structure and you can wash and condition your hair in one step. You simply rub the shampoo bar over your wet scalp, massage in the foam and rinse it out again. If it doesn't foam up enough for you, add a little more water and take a little more from the shampoo bar. For storage, I recommend hanging the shampoo bar in an organza bag so it can dry and is ready for the next use.

With her shampoo bar cucumber, Antje from Erica Naturkosmetik has developed a wonderful hair care product that I can heartily recommend. My hair feels wonderfully soft and cared for. As an extra, I treat myself to an additional care with her conditioner after washing my hair from time to time. Both products are guaranteed without microplastics and annoying plastic packaging. Just try it!

• Lysolecithin
• Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI)
• Glycerin
• Citric Acid (CITRID ACID)
• Coco-Glucoside
• Glyceryl Oleate
• Benzyl Alcohol
• Alpha-Isomethyl ionene
• Biutylphenyl Methylpropional
• Hexylcinnamal, Geraniol
• Linalool
• Citronellol
• Methyl-2-octynoate
• Eugenol

The solid shampoo works thanks to its fat-dissolving ingredients without drying out the hair.

Massage into damp hair like liquid shampoo. If it doesn't foam enough for your liking, add a little more water and it's every bit as good as a liquid shampoo.

100 brush strokes are a blessing for scalp and hair

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Love yoursef

... and care for your hair with plastic-free products from Antje

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