St John's wort oil - your light-bringing, heart and muscle-strengthening and anxiety-relieving helper

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St John's wort, the light flower

St John's wort is popularly and medically known as the "flower of light" and "solstice herb" because it blooms in June at the time of the summer solstice, when the power of the sun and light is at its strongest. St. John's wort was already a favourite of Hildegard von Bingen and Paracelsus. The magic of St John's wort oil is said to bring light to the soul, is considered the "arnica of the nerves", "goes to the bone", and has a brightening and revitalising effect on our spirits, even and especially on dreary winter days. St. John's wort oil is a macerate (the extract of the flowers preserved in olive oil) and is also known as red oil due to its colour. So take good care of your clothes.

St John's wort: effects and properties as a natural oil

St John's wort oil has a warming, extremely pain-relieving, muscle-relaxing and antispasmodic effect and is therefore ideally suited as a base oil for the treatment of (sports) injuries and rheumatic complaints, arthrosis, gout, lumbago, sore muscles, muscle and nerve pain. It also provides valuable services when we need help with sciatica, sprains, bruises, circulatory disorders, cramps and migraines. According to Rudolf Breuss, St John's wort oil gently massaged into the intervertebral discs even makes them more flexible and softer.

In skin care, especially for sunburn, burns and bruises, we also enjoy the wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties of the much-loved oil, which are due to the tannins and hypericin, the colouring agent in the flowers.

The enzyme hyperforin contained in St John's wort oil has an emotionally balancing effect as a nerve booster and supports us in cases of depression, burnout, shock, trauma, phobias, restlessness and anxiety. If you would like support with deep-seated blockages and tension of any kind, we recommend our St John's wort oil to calm you down and brighten your mood. A St John's wort tea on top can also help you to sleep more relaxed.

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How to use St John's wort oil

Use on the skin

St John's wort oil in natural skincare

In our rosa schmid care oil, the effect of St John's wort oil is enhanced by the targeted addition of highly effective essential oils by massaging it into affected areas of skin in a compressed form.

For skin and soul care, add lavender essential oil to your St John's wort oil for the optimum win-win combination and massage it into the areas of skin that need attention (e.g. heart region, pulse, neck, stomach or on closed wounds in the healing process).

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Durability & storage

Storage of St John's wort oil

First of all: Our care and body oils are pure natural products that cannot be strictly standardised. For this reason, there are shelf life guidelines, but these may vary - always trust your sense of smell.

Fatty oils have a shelf life of 1 to 3 years.

Like almost all natural products, body oils cannot be kept indefinitely. It is therefore advisable to use cold-pressed, rich body oils within around six to eight months after opening.

We always fill our all-natural body oils in very small batches, so you can be sure that we can offer you an optimised shelf life.


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