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St. John's wort oil | macerate

St. John's wort oil

Your light-bringing, heart and muscle strengthening as well as anxiolytic helper

St. John's wort is also called "flower of light" and "solstice herb" in the vernacular and in medicine, because it blooms in June at the time of the summer solstice, when the power of the sun and light is at its strongest. St. John's wort was already the favorite of Hildegard von Bingen and also of Paracelsus. The magic of St. John's wort oil is said to bring light into the soul, is considered "arnica of the nerves", "goes down to the bones", and has a brightening and invigorating effect on our mind, even and especially on dreary winter days. St. John's wort oil is a macerate (the extract of the flowers soaked in olive oil) and is also called red oil because of its colour. So take good care of your clothes.

mode of action

St. John's wort oil has a warming, extremely pain-relieving, muscle-relaxing and anticonvulsant effect and is therefore ideally suited as a base oil for the treatment of (sports) injuries and rheumatic complaints, arthrosis, gout, lumbago, sore muscles, muscle and nerve pain. It also provides valuable services when we need help with sciatica, sprains, bruises and circulatory disorders, cramps and migraines. According to Rudolf Breuss, gently massaging St. John's wort oil into the intervertebral discs makes them even more flexible and softer. 

In skin care, especially for sunburn, burns and bruises, we are also happy about the wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties of the much-loved oil, which is due to the tannins and hypericin, the dye in the flowers, that it contains.

The enzyme hyperforin contained in St. John's wort oil has an emotionally balancing effect as a nerve strengthener and supports us in depression, burnout, shock, trauma, phobias, restlessness and anxiety. If you would like to get support for deeper-seated blockages and tension of any kind, we recommend our St. John's wort oil for calming and mood-enhancing. Incidentally, a St. John's wort tea on top can help you sleep more relaxed.

Application for your skin

In our rosa schmid care oil, the effect of St. John's wort oil is enhanced by the targeted addition of highly effective essential oils by massaging it into the affected areas of the skin.

For skin and soul care, mix essential lavender oil with your St. John's wort oil for the optimal win-win combination and stroke the skin areas that need attention with it (e.g. heart region, pulse, neck, stomach or on closed wounds in the healing process).


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