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Wild Rose Seed Oil | Wild rose oil

A soothing soft-focus All-rounder



Wild rose seed oil is obtained from the rosehip seeds or the whole fruit by cold pressing or CO² extraction. The muscat rose, which grows in the Andes and in southern Chile, contains a wealth of wonderful active ingredients for our beauty. Our wild rose seed oil is refined with jojoba oil (for durability) and essential oils (to create a subtle fragrance experience for you, because the oil should not naturally smell like roses).


mode of action

Wild rose oil is a wonderful oil that has proven to be helpful for wrinkles, pigment spots, scars, dilated capillaries (couperose), stretch marks, combination skin, impure skin & acne (as well as neurodermatitis). We are happy about highly effective ingredients such as transretinoic acid (a rare form of provitamin A), a large amount of the valuable alpha-linolenic acid, vitamins C, D and E (α- and γ-tocopherols), flavonoids (strong antioxidants), omega 3, 6 and 9 acid. This intelligent composition of nature means that wild rose oil has an anti-inflammatory, skin-regenerating and tissue-tightening effect and regulates the sebaceous gland function. You can also effectively care for and soften scars and skin damage that have existed for a long time with this oil.


Area of ​​application face

Place two drops from the pipette on the palm of your hand and massage into your cleansed and moistened (e.g. with our rose or neroli water) skin.



Scope Pregnancy

To stop stretch marks, massage several drops of wild rose oil after the shower into the still slightly damp skin areas on the legs and stomach that want to be specially appreciated.


application on the skin

Incidentally, you get an effective after-sun oil if you add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the rosehip seed oil - to soothe sun-kissed skin, including the scent of Provence. You can also take advantage of this very skin-regenerating and wound-healing oil mixture for aftercare after burns.





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