So lange sind ätherische Öle und Wirköle haltbar

This is how long essential and active oils can be kept

Things to know about the durability of natural oils

First of all: Our care and body oils are purely natural products that cannot be strictly standardized. That's why there are indications of time when it comes to durability, but they can vary - always trust your sense of smell.

How long essential oils and oil mixtures can be kept depends not only on correct storage but also on the ingredients.

In principle, body oils - like almost all natural products - do not have an unlimited shelf life. It is therefore advisable to use up cold-pressed, rich care oils within about six to eight months after opening (almond oil is best even within three months).

Jojoba oil is an exception: the oily liquid obtained from the seeds of the jojoba tree is actually wax. For this reason, it remains almost unchanged even after years of storage.

The shelf life of essential oils ranges from months to years. Citrus scents, for example, are among the most sensitive aromas: mandarine, orange or yuzu oil should be used within about six months if possible, because these aromas evaporate quickly or become rancid. Stronger scents such as rose, sandalwood or benzoin, on the other hand, mature over time and even develop a fuller aroma the longer they are stored. The quality of these oils can sometimes be stored for up to 15 years and even improve the quality.

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