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This is the best way to store body oils

High-quality oil with a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids is sensitive to UV radiation and changes structurally when exposed to direct sunlight. We therefore fill our precious body and active oils in violet glass bottles. This not only looks elegant, but also fulfills its purpose: They protect essential oils and care oil mixtures optimally and, unlike plastic, do not release any unwanted pollutants into the contents.

Store body oils properly

Oil likes things uncomplicated: dark, cool, dry and well sealed.

Excessive heat also has a negative effect on the valuable ingredients. If possible, oils should therefore be stored at the same room temperature: They prefer around 22 °C. A tight seal is helpful to ensure that the fine aromas of essential oils do not evaporate too quickly. With our aluminum caps and pipette bottles, flavors stay safe in the bottle.

Our tip:

On hot summer days, the oil can disappear in the fridge for a few hours.

Important: Essential oils must not get into the hands of children due to their irritating effect! Please keep safe for children!

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