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Damask rose

The Heart Opener



Rose oil is one of the most valuable essential oils on the world market. 3-5 tons of rose petals are needed for one liter of pure oil. The roses for our organic Damask oil are grown in Turkey. On only 30-40 main harvest days per season, the families of the rose growers start harvesting at dawn, as each individual rose blossom is harvested by hand and the yield has to reach the still before the midday heat so that the fragrance and ingredients do not evaporate. According to old tradition, steam is distilled in large copper kettles.



mode of action

Rose oil is one of the most complex oils, contains more than 400 chemical compounds and belongs to the heart note category.
It behaves like fine wine and continues to age in the bottle over time, gaining depth and heaviness. The essence of the rose alleviates mental injuries, is one of the oldest aphrodisiacs, relaxes, calms and harmonises. It opens the heart, increases compassion and is helpful in dealing with emotional shocks and crisis management. In addition, the essential oil of the rose has a strong antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic, nerve and heart strengthening as well as wound healing, skin regenerating and hormone modulating effect, from which we not only benefit mentally but also in skin care. A 10% dilution of the essential oil (10% rose oil, 90% alcohol) is usual, as otherwise a small bottle would be unaffordable and simply not dosable.

The rose is not only the queen of flowers and love, but also the oil of choice to lovingly accompany the new human being into life after birth and out of life when a human is dying, in order to trustfully and with dignity to be able to let go.


Application for baby care

1-2 drops mixed in 100 ml almond oil makes a wonderful basis for a gentle baby massage.





Use as a luxury bathroom

Mix 2-3 drops of rose oil in 1 tablespoon of honey or cream and finally add to the bath water.





Application to aromatherapy

Our tip: 2 drops of rose oil, 2 drops of orange








A notice:
Please never use essential oils pure, but only mix a few drops of them into a fatty oil so that the recommended number of drops is not exceeded. Other possible uses of an essential oil are, of course, fragrance lamps, nebulizers, diffusers or simply a handkerchief as a carrier material for room scenting, so that the oil can be absorbed through your respiratory tract. Essential oils are the potent essence of a plant, so always be aware of their potency. Essential oils are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.




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