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Sacred Tree of Eternal Life



Cypresses were sacred to many peoples and are considered a symbol of eternal life. It gives us stability, clarity and courage and promotes determination. We are fascinated by it as a fantastic organizer because it has an upright and structuring effect - as its slender, taut and clear growth habit already reveals in the plant signature. She wants to be a pillar on the way to our own line and also pleases us with a clear and tart aroma. Cypress Essential Oil is obtained through steam distillation of the branches, twigs and cones. About 70 to 100 kilograms of plant material are needed to obtain one liter of pure essential cypress oil. Cypresses love a Mediterranean climate.



mode of action

Cypress stimulates the lymph, disinfects the air in the room and relieves hay fever and allergies. Cypress oil has even proven itself in bronchial diseases and asthma. In body and face oil, cypress helps us to strengthen veins and tighten tissue in cellulite, as it has decongesting, purifying and draining properties, as well as acne, oily skin and eczema.

We love them for harmonizing our entire female hormone balance. Cypress activates, refreshes and promotes your concentration. Insects and mosquitoes don't like the cypress at all. An oil for unsteady air kisses that like to escape. Cypress trees cannot be bent by the wind, they allow it to flow upright but flexibly. We like to take advantage of this symbolism. Thank you Cypress!






A notice:
Please never use essential oils pure, but only mix a few drops of them into a fatty oil so that the recommended number of drops is not exceeded. Other possible uses of an essential oil are, of course, fragrance lamps, nebulizers, diffusers or simply a handkerchief as a carrier material for room scenting, so that the oil can be absorbed through your respiratory tract. Essential oils are the potent essence of a plant, so always be aware of their potency. Essential oils are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.



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