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benzoin siam

A fragrance to indulge in

Sweet, warm and resinous, it gives you security and calms your nerves. The resin of the benzoin Siam tree, which is mainly native to Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, is one of our favorite aroma care products because, in addition to the wonderful fragrance, it also has very good skin care properties. The resin is harvested like incense by slitting the trees in summer. The resin can flow well due to the high temperature. It dries on the bark and can be harvested as soon as it is colder. After 2-3 years the trees get a break to recover.

mode of action

Its strong physical effect is unusual for such a harmoniously scented oil. Benzoin is used particularly successfully for skin problems. Dry, cracked, inflamed skin responds excellently to this natural wound healing balm. In addition, benzoin siam oil is used successfully for sore throats, coughs, bronchitis and asthma. It has an expectorant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and sleep-inducing effect.



Application to aromatherapy

Essential Oils - Scope Aromatherapy | olfactory body oils


You get a nice enveloping and soothing mixture for cuddling time with: 5 drops of orange, 3 drops of benzene siam and 2 drops of lavender





application on the skin

Essential Oils – Skin Care Scope | olfactory body oils
In skin care blends, the oil works best on dry, chapped and inflamed skin. Take time for stillness with our mixture for 50 ml almond oil and 10 drops mandarine, 7 drops benzoin siam and 3 drops cocoa extract.








A notice:
Please never use essential oils pure, but only mix a few drops of them into a fatty oil so that the recommended number of drops is not exceeded. Other possible uses of an essential oil are, of course, fragrance lamps, nebulizers, diffusers or simply a handkerchief as a carrier material for room scenting, so that the oil can be absorbed through your respiratory tract. Essential oils are the potent essence of a plant, so always be aware of their potency. Essential oils are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.



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