Bio Desinfektion Hände schonend Kamille oelfaktorisch Körperöle

hand disinfection • handsome

caring hand disinfectant spray

• disinfecting and caring
• reliable against viruses and bacteria
• absorbs quickly

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Careful hand hygiene is part of everyday life in these special times. Our set handsome is the duo for daily hand hygiene and combines the useful with the pleasant - highly effective disinfection with rich aroma care. The hand disinfection handsome for daily hand hygiene is a caring companion in your everyday life.

Organic Essential Oils:
• Bergamot

70 % alcohol and nourishing chamomile extracts

Here, high-percentage alcohol (70 %) with nourishing chamomile extracts acts against viruses and bacteria. This is supported by antiviral essential bergamot oil. Castor oil and natural glycerine protect the skin from drying out. The scent of bergamot refreshes and relaxes. Ideal for the office, in the car and when traveling when washing your hands thoroughly is not possible. With our recipe we follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization WHO.

Spray 2 - 3 strokes of hand disinfectant spray on the palms of your hands and, like washing your hands, spread them on the back of your hand and leave to take effect.

In addition to disinfecting, pamper your hands with our hand care oil.

Do not spray in the eyes! Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Love yoursef

... and combine the useful with the pleasant