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The rose is a real work of art. The queen of flowers is not only a visual symbol of grace and elegance, her inner values ​​also amaze. In an interview, non-medical practitioner Nina Gerhard explains the value of fragrant beauty in therapy. Sonja and her not only connect the neighborly cooperation, but also a warm friendship.

Dear Nina, what do you think is great about the rose?

Roses are real “heart openers”: they make us receptive to everything beautiful and touch us deep in the soul. It is not for nothing that roses are considered a symbol of love. For me as a therapist, it plays a special role in gynecology because of its valuable ingredients.

What is their “inner beauty”?

With its harmonizing components, it appeals to all human senses and therefore has a holistic effect on body and psyche. Their effect calms the whole system, so to speak.

The rose is best known for its beguiling scent...

It's correct. I also like to create a “fragrant environment” for my patients. Pleasant aromas in the air help you relax and find yourself. 

In what form is the rose used in your practice?

For external use as a hydrolate or body oil. I like to use pure rose oil in aromatherapy. 

What exactly is a hydrolat? 

Hydrolates are the remaining plant water when essential oils are steam distilled. Because they contain the water-soluble components of a plant, their healing power is enormous. They are particularly mild in use and very well tolerated. 

When to use rose hydrolate?

I recommend it to women during pregnancy and breastfeeding to care for stressed nipples. Before birth, it prepares for breastfeeding, after which it cares for sensitive skin and relieves discomfort. However, it is important that the product contains neither alcohol nor preservatives. Rose hydrolat is also a helpful companion for women going through menopause. If your face turns unpleasantly red from sudden hot flashes, a few drops sprayed on will help close the pores and keep a cool head. At the same time, the pleasant scent ensures relaxation and a good body feeling. And because you can use it as often as you want, a bottle of rose hydrolate really belongs in every woman's handbag. 

What do you recommend rose oil for?

Rose oil has proven itself as a therapeutic agent during menopause. The falling estrogen level causes the mucous membranes to dry out, which can be uncomfortable and painful, especially in the vaginal area. Rose oil nourishes, soothes and keeps elastic. However, it should never be used pure, but combined with a high-quality base oil such as marula or jojoba oil.

Since ancient times, the rose has been said to have an aphrodisiac effect...

... and rightly so. When used as a lubricant, rose body oil keeps love alive. The sensual and beguiling fragrance has a stimulating effect on both sexes. Where there is a desire to have children, rose can work real miracles.

Dear Nina, thank you very much for the interview!

Interview from March 2020

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