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almond oil

The skin care classic



Almond oil is considered a classic among oils. It has been used for beauty care since ancient times. Today the almond tree is mainly cultivated in the Mediterranean countries, North Africa and California. The oil is obtained by pressing two varieties of almonds: sweet and bitter. Only sweet almonds are used for aromatherapy and our cozy rosé.



mode of action

The high vitamin E content ensures that the oil is particularly skin-protecting. The oil makes especially dry skin soft and supple. With regular use, it also loses its brittleness. The formation of dandruff and the itching subside. Almond oil is one of the most popular massage oils and care oils in aromatherapy. Due to its special composition, it is a universally applicable base oil for different skin types.


The oil is also indispensable in natural baby care.


Application in aromatherapy
Since the sweet almond oil only has a slightly nutty scent, it can be easily combined with essential scented oils. For a body or massage oil use approx. 25-30 drops per 100 ml base oil. To prepare a perfume oil, you can mix the same amount of essential oil with 30 ml of almond oil. Here, however, it should be tested beforehand whether the skin tolerates the oils. Citrus oils and forest scents are more irritating than, for example, rose, sandalwood and lavender.


application on the skin

Almond oil is very suitable for babies as a care or cleansing oil. It is also often used as a massage and body oil for dry skin.






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