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Jojoba oil

The liquid gold



The jojoba bush is a true survivor. It grows in the scorching deserts of America and needs only 20 ml of rainfall a year to survive. The natives of Mexico, California and Arizona called the golden-yellow oil "liquid gold" and used it as a panacea for skin diseases and wounds or for hair care. Actually, strictly speaking, it is not an oil that is extracted from the olive-sized seeds, but a liquid, odorless wax. Jojoba oil is one of the most exclusive and valuable ingredients in cosmetics. Since it cannot be metabolized, it is only suitable for external use.


mode of action

Thanks to its excellent properties as a moisturizer, jojoba oil is mainly used for application to the skin. It regulates the moisture balance and stabilizes the fat-moisture coat. This makes it an excellent remedy for neurodermatitis. With regular use, it helps dry and sensitive skin to become more resilient. The high vitamin E content in the oil also helps with stretch marks, scars and psoriasis.


application to the skin

Jojoba oil leaves hardly any greasy shine and gives dry skin a wonderfully silky sheen. However, if you tend to have oily skin, mix jojoba oil with other oils. Above all, so-called drying oils such as wild rose seed oil and rosehip seed oil are ideal for this. Jojoba oil also has hardly any odor of its own and can therefore be mixed well with essential oils. Blending jojoba oil is also useful because it protects less durable oils from going rancid. Very fatty oils should always be applied to damp skin, as they are absorbed more quickly and provide the skin with sufficient moisture.




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