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macadamia nut oil

The queen of nuts



The macadamia nut was one of the staple foods of the Australian natives and is also known as the Australian hazelnut or Queensland nut. With its fine taste, it is now considered a delicacy among nuts all over the world. It is therefore also known as the "queen of nuts". Their very high fat content is also exceptional. 100 g of nuts contain 75 g of oil. 



mode of action

With its high proportion of oleic acid, macadamia nut oil is one of the most popular massage oils. Palmitoleic acid, which is similar to our skin's own fatty acids, acts like an emollient on our skin. The oil is therefore particularly skin-care and well-tolerated. Added to this is the skin-generating effect of vitamins A, B and E. The skin becomes more resistant and is better protected against cornification. In hair care products, macadamia nut oil is particularly effective against split ends and brittleness. The oil makes the hair supple and soft.


application on the skin

Due to its fatty acid composition, macadamia nut oil is particularly suitable for very dry and scaly skin. Used regularly, the skin can regenerate and regain its old elasticity. Even dry feet benefit from the rich effect. Simply use the oil in a foot bath or apply as an overnight oil pack.




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