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Raspberry Seed Oil

Raspberry Seed Oil



Our Raspberry Seed Oil is a locally produced drying oil pressed from the tiny seeds of fresh raspberries. To get one liter of oil, the dried seeds of about 12 kg of fresh fruit are needed. Our exquisite organic raspberry seed CO2 is a special carrier oil that is highly valued in body and skin care and in cosmetics.



mode of action

Raspberry Seed Oil  is an exceptionally light, dry, non-occlusive oil. That means it penetrates the skin quickly, nourishing it moist and without a greasy or sticky feel. A high level of antioxidants and phospholipids give this carrier oil its long shelf life. Raspberry Seed Oil lasts significantly longer than other cold-pressed carrier oils.


application on the skin

The oil is suitable for the face as well as for the entire body and nail care. It has a light scent of raspberry leaves and has a light UV protection that does not replace sunscreen but protects your skin from environmental influences and moisture loss day after day.





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