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hemp seed oil | hemp care oil

Hemp seed oil | hemp care oil

The intoxication-free high-flyer - strengthening, clarifying, rejuvenating and calming at the same time



Hemp is one of our oldest cultivated plants in the world, originally from Central Asia, but is now cultivated in a wide variety of climate zones. As a useful plant, it is practically THC-free and its wonderful body oil smells subtly delicious and nutty. Hemp care oil has a moisture-binding effect, regulates wrinkles, strengthens the immune system of the epidermis (your top layer of skin and boundary to the outside world) and soothes and relieves irritated and itchy (summer) skin. It has hormone-regulating and anti-inflammatory properties and, pure or mixed with jojoba oil, has proven to be ideal for neurodermatitis and eczema. It also supports scar healing and is optimally absorbed by human skin due to their similarity in terms of the composition of essential fatty acids.


mode of action

We love hemp care oil for its precious omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid, which together have a wonderful effect on cell structure and renewal. The gamma-linolenic acid it also contains is a rare commodity that can only be found in a few other vegetable oils. Among other things, it counteracts inflammatory processes in the body.


Area of ​​application face

Take 2-3 drops of hemp care oil with a pipette and massage it lovingly into the skin that has been cleaned and moistened with plant water (hydrosol, e.g. with our rose or neroli water).



Scope head and hair

Work hemp care oil into the scalp and hair ends before going to bed, leave on overnight and wash out in the morning with a mild organic shampoo.





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