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Broccoli seed oil

Broccoli seed oil



Our broccoli seed oil is produced regionally and sustainably. It is an extremely rare oil and has a delicate, sweetish nutty odor, faintly reminiscent of broccoli. The oil has not yet established itself in the cosmetics industry, although the ingredients are absolutely convincing. Oils with exotic names probably sell better... 



mode of action

The fatty acid pattern of the oil is exceptional. It ensures a long shelf life and has a non-greasy feel. It is oxidation stable and does not irritate the skin. Due to the high proportion of barrier-active linoleic acid and regenerating and cell-activating alpha-linoleic acids, it is particularly well suited as a care component for mature skin.


application on the skin

Broccoli Seed Oil is often used as a skin oil and especially as a component in hair care products. Here it serves as a silicone substitute. In a double-blind study, conditioners containing broccoli seed oil versus silicone were used on different hair types. According to the study, the broccoli seed oil conditioner was as effective as the silicone conditioner in terms of wet combability, shine, softness and reduced static.





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