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The scent of Provence


Hardly any plant shapes the landscape as much as lavender. In early summer, the fields of purple bushes stretch to the horizon. Above all, Provence in southern France is known for lavender cultivation. A distinction is made between "lavender extra" and "lavender fine". The former is the wild lavender, the latter the cultivated form. The two hardly differ in their effect. Fine lavender contains slightly fewer ingredients than the wild form.


mode of action 

The fresh, herbaceous scent of lavender is a real treat for our psyche. It has a relaxing, balancing and sleep-inducing effect. It also helps with stress, burn-out, restlessness and nervousness. The main ingredient linalyl acetate is responsible for this.


Application to aromatherapy

For a relaxed and restful sleep, simply put 1-2 drops on a handkerchief and put it next to the bed. Alternatively, 2-3 drops can be placed on a fragrance stone or our pillow spray can be used.


application on the skin

Lavender oil is ideal for bath, body and massage oils, bath salts, shower gels, facial compresses or perfumes.



Application in the kitchen

If you want a Mediterranean scent in your salads, marinades, potato dishes or desserts, add a few drops.






A notice:
Please never use essential oils pure, but only mix a few drops of them into a fatty oil so that the recommended number of drops is not exceeded. Other possible uses of an essential oil are, of course, fragrance lamps, nebulizers, diffusers or simply a handkerchief as a carrier material for room scenting, so that the oil can be absorbed through your respiratory tract. Essential oils are the potent essence of a plant, so always be aware of their potency. Essential oils are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.



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