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The right relaxation for your child

Baby massage

A baby massage is a gentle, even stroking of your hands over your baby's body. It is also beneficial for the child if you massage their feet, wrists, fingers and toes. With regular massages, you not only do something for your child's relaxation, but also for their health and development.

The baby massage or child massage has its origins in the traditional Indian healing art Ayurveda and has been practiced by Indian mothers for a long time. Thanks to the French gynecologist Frédérick Leboyer, who is considered the founder of gentle birth medicine, massage also came to Europe in the 1970s and was taken into account in baby care.


What do you need for the baby massage

  • A towel, sheet or a comfortable surface
  • materials for wrapping
  • clothes for the baby
  • The room should be warm
  • Use an oil for the massage to make it easier to go over the skin. Pure oils that are gentle on the skin, such as almond oil , are best.

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