care oil • avocado
care oil • avocado
care oil • avocado
care oil • avocado

care oil • avocado

intensively nourishes and protects the skin from moisture loss


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Our avocado oil is unsurpassed in skin care, especially for dry skin. The oil protects the skin from environmental influences and makes it supple and soft all over. Above all, the high proportion of fat-accompanying substances and the rare palmitoleic acid ensure that the oil can be easily distributed on the skin, is deeply absorbed and can thus optimally develop its caring effect. The oil supports the skin in cell building and regeneration, since the basic substance of the connective and supporting tissue is activated. Avocado oil also helps with itching and inflammation.

Active oil 100 % avocado oil (PERSEA GRATISSIMA OIL)

The ideal fatty acid composition provides intensive care, protects against moisture loss and is an ideal body oil for particularly dry skin.

You can use pure avocado oil as a body or rich face oil or, for example, make an avocado quark mask.

For this you need:
1 tbsp avocado oil
1 tbsp quark Mix
both ingredients carefully and spread the mask over the face, avoiding the eyes and mouth. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and then rinse off first with lukewarm and then with cold water. The facial skin is refreshed by the mask, small wrinkles are padded and supplied with valuable nutrients.

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...and take your time for a full body scrub with a tablespoon of sugar mixed with avocado oil. Massage your body in circular motions before showering with warm water.