Naturseife für Gesicht und Körper natürliche Gesichtsreinigung torso seife oelfaktorisch Körperöle

soap • hand and body soap torso

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Our soaps are made using the cold stirring process in the small factory of Alles Seife. In contrast to industrial soap production, the glycerin naturally present in the vegetable oils is not extracted. Therefore, the soap does not dry out the skin and is also ideal for facial care.

The hand and body soap torso is completely free of synthetic surfactants, preservatives and plasticizers and of course free of animal fats.

Organic Essential Oils:
• Torso Fragrance Oil Blend

Active oils:
• Olive oil
• Coconut oil
• Sunflower oil

• Water

nourishing hand and body cleansing without drying out the skin

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