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conditioner bar • Cucumber

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nourishes and makes the hair easy to comb

• fragrant
• nourishing
• smoothing

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This conditioner does what it's supposed to do - leaves hair manageable, soft and shiny. Kurquat, an emulsifier and film former, is responsible for this. In contrast to silicones, however, it washes out again the next time you wash your hair and does not dry out your hair. The fresh scent of citrus fruit also keeps what it promises.


• Kurquat
• Cetyl alcohol
• Limonene
• Alpha-pinene
• Citral

The conditioner does not contain artificial silicones and the natural softeners contained wash out without drying out the hair.

After washing your hair with a shampoo bar, massage the conditioner into the scalp with a little water. Leave on for a while and rinse off with warm water.

With a previous shampoo with the shampoobar - Cucumber you get the complete freshness of cucumber for your hair.

Love yourself

... and enjoy one less plastic bottle in the bathroom with this packaging-free alternative

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