Vegane Natur-Seife Zitrus Duft Peelingeffekt natürliche Handpflege oelfaktorisch Körperöle

soap • gardener's soap

reinigt pflegend mit cremigem Schaum und leichten Peelingeffekt, der gerade bei rauen Händen gut tut.

• fragrant
• nurturing
• with peeling effect

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This wonderfully cleansing and at the same time nourishing soap, which Sabine Zink from Alles Seife made for us, also has a slight peeling effect, which is particularly beneficial for rough hands. The soap smells wonderfully fresh and yet gently of various citrus oils.

Recipe for a hand wrap after work:

After cleaning your hands you can make a hand pack with our metamorphosis ointment or pure shea butter. To do this, apply a generous amount of the ointment or butter to damp skin. Then you pull cotton gloves or socks over your hands and let the pack soak in for half an hour. Gently massage in any remaining residue.

Organic quality essential oils:
• Lavender
• Geranium
• Rosewood oil

Active oils:
• Olive oil
• Coconut oil
• Safflower oil
• Castor oil
• Grape seed oil

• Yellow beeswax
• Water
• Oat bran
• Poppy seeds

cleans with a gentle peeling effect without drying out your hands

After washing your hands you can pamper your hands with our hand care oil.

Love yoursef

...and make washing your hands a mindfulness exercise yourself and enjoy the gentle peeling.